Morning Raga


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Raga Ahir-Bhairav in Hindustani or Chakravakam in Carnatic Classical music is a morning raga and is a janya raga or child raga of the parent or melakarta raga Bhairavi.

The Swaras used are Komal Rishabh and Komal Nishad, all other notes are Shuddha.

It is one of the most mellifluous ragas in Indian music.

Raising Voices As One In Virtual Space and Time

Originally posted on Music of Our Heart:

You may have or maybe not yet discovered classic composer and conductor Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. It is a magnificent use of the power of Web music collaboration by editing videos and aligning voices as one choir.

The Virtual Choir is gaining aggregate global strength with each successive video project fielded and produced. The numbers of participants and countries involved have grown from 185 singers in 12 countries in 2010 (Lux Aurumque) to 5,905 singers in 101 countries in 2013 (Fly to Paradise).

I plan to join Virtual Choir 5, I hope you will too. :)

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Maduryam Upcoming Concert @Mysore: Flute Music on 21st of September 2014



Madhuryam Announces Its Next Chamber Concert on 21st of September 2014 at Mysore, at 10:30 AM.

Flute Vidwan Shri. B Suresh, who had been a regular performer at the Udipi Shree Krishna Temple, Manipal Bank, Kadiyali Temple etc., will be the performer of the day. He was Initiated into Music by Shree Gopapakrishna Iyer and continued to practice under renowned Falutist Shree V.Dhsikachar, and received special knowledge under Flute Maestro Shree Dindugal S.P. Ntarajan ( AIR Artist ,Bangalore) who is a senior student of Late Shri T.R. Mahalingam.

Shri B. Suresh has been awarded with Kala Deepti and Sangeetha Kala Thapasvi awards earlier.

He is accompanied by Shri .H.S. Thandava Murthy on the Violin. Shri Murthy is the son and disciple of Violin Vidwan Shri H.T.Sriniasaiah.

Shri. Sai Shiva will be accompanying him on the mridangam. Shri Shiva had his training under Vidwan Shri Karaikudi Mani. This Program will be uploaded live.

‘The Problem With Music’ has been solved by the internet

Originally posted on Quartz:

It’s now 20 years since Steve Albini, the legendary rock music producer best known for Nirvana’s last studio album In Utero, penned a seminal essay for the literary magazine, The Baffler.

It was titled “The Problem with Music,” and detailed how the entire food chain of the music business was set up to profit from the end product, except for the artists who actually conceived and made it.

He offered the example of a band, “pretty ordinary, but they’re also pretty good” that signed to a moderately sized independent label. They sold 250,000 copies of an album—considerable success by most standards—making the music industry more than $3 million, yet still ending up $14,000 in debt. “The band members have each earned about 1/3 as much as they would working at a 7-11, but they got to ride in a tour bus for a month,” he famously wrote.

Many aspiring musicians (and music journalists) of…

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Sounds and silence and headspace

Originally posted on Research Degree Voodoo:

A final reflection on music for writing (see the first and second parts here).

In this reflection (which first existed as a part of my current Masters study), I look at what we are really doing when we use quiet or music for making a headspace. Is it creating silence? Is that silence for reflection? Is it tuning out the noise? Is it turning off the chatter in our heads? Is it providing a prompt for to get up and dance?


So when is silence to do with the absence of noise, and when is it the absence of noise we don’t want? 

People who go on silent retreats a lot (and you can imagine I know a lot of them) say it takes at least a day, and sometimes 3, of being in silence before the ‘inner chatter’ calms down, before there is true silence.

Some people find…

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Music Abstraction


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Music can activate the DNA and be used for DNA repair.

There are 3-Universes – Earth’s/Humans Universe up to 7-D … Universe of the Ether/s up to 14-15-D … and Divine Universe up to 21-D WITHIN 22-dimensional Eternity … Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Si ‘Do’ Octave of 7 tones (in tonality) … each tonality has its own ‘Hz’ frequency of vibration …


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